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    TruType Entertainment Network® is the latest in Independent Entertainment Networks with a very unique brand of companies TruType Entertainment Network® also known as T.E.N.® Network has a unique management. T.E.N.® is Traditionally Corporate structured with Unique concepts.

    T.E.N.® Network "Brands" consist of TruType Records® , TruType Clothing™ , TruTypeTV™ , Tru-Model Agency® , TruType TV™ , TruType Marketing® , TruType World® , TruTypeRecords DigitalStore®.

    TruType Entertainment Network® ownership and management is solely dependent upon TruType© Corporation & Mass.Investments LLC.©

  • Executives

    Dutch Dollaz Chief Executive Officer
    Darren Massey -Venture Capitalist, Innovator, Relentless Work-Ethic only begins to describe the T.E.N.®'s C.E.O. Follow him on Twitter: @DutchDollaz

    Namkrow Chief Financial Officer
    Nathaniel Workman -Sophisticated, Calculated, Educated, Magician with numbers can only begin to describe TT©'s C.F.O. Follow him on Twitter: @NamkrowTTR

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    Mass.Investments LLC.©

    Massey Investments LLC.© (Corporate Consultation Firm). Contributing developer of T.E.N.® Network.

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